Experience with Child Study

To assess Charlie’s phonological awareness I administered the Tests of Phonemic Awareness assessment. Charlie did quite well recognizing rhyming words, but needed several examples of words that rhymed before he could generate one on his own. For example, I would give him hat, sat, and cat before he could give me bat. When only given one or two words as prompts he could come up with answers such as “tugboat” or “penguin” for common consonant-vowel-consonant words. Charlie was able to determine the first sound in several words, such as hat, bat, fun, sit, and lake. As well as the last sound in the words hit and fun, but missed hat and sit. He was not able to select the correct word when given three words with the same sound. He was given three tries with three sets of words and was not able to get any of them. Examples of words I used are bake, bark, and corn (in that order), and Charlie picked corn. It took a lot of effort and coaxing to get him to be able to blend common c-v-c words. Words such as see and run were difficult even when slowed down and stretched out. After attempting the phoneme addition and subtraction with no success we moved onto a new task. The Common Core State Standards state that as a Kindergartner Charlie should have these skills by the end of the school year (Common Core State Standards, 2011, pg. 15). This assessment was given in early February, so there is still plenty of time for Charlie to understand these concepts.


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