Instructional Strategy

When teachers are choosing an instructional strategy for fluency, they must take in account the student’s reading level and introduce appropriate material based on that level. One strategy for addressing fluency is an activity called Readers’ Theater. This activity involves an interactive process between the text and the readers. Readers interpret a story and use their voice in the recreation of the story. Students practice the skit until they are fluent with the skit and then perform it for an audience. According to the Martinez article, Readers’ Theater is an “interpretive reading activity in which readers use their voices to bring characters to life. The performer’s goal is to  read a script aloud effectively, enabling the audience to visualize the action” (Martinez, Roser, Strecker, 1998/1999).  This activity is easy to incorporate into classrooms because it requires no props or costumes, but rather focuses on the character dialogue acted out by the students and the narrator. This activity boosts reader self-esteem because they become confident with reading aloud and become fluent with the text.


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