Issues for SLL’s

One issue that may arise for second language learners in the area of comprehension is limited background knowledge. If a SLL does not have any background knowledge about the text, then they are more likely to struggle with comprehending the text because they can not relate the text to past experiences. In addition, vocabulary knowledge of a SLL is going to be more limited than a native speaker; consequently, the SLL is going to have to dedicate more time learning vocabulary knowledge, rather than comprehension. A SLL ‘s fluency is also going to be an issue for comprehension. If a SLL does not read with automaticity and accuracy, again, the student is going to have to dedicate more cognitive thought to word identification rather than meaning. Overall, it is important for teachers to remember that SLL students need be taught all the foundational skills of reading (sound-letter knowledge, word recognition…etc) before they can become proficient comprehenders.