Experience with Child Study

As a way to assess Charlieu’s writing and composition abilities I asked him to write a letter to my teacher about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are something Charlie is very interested in and has a lot of knowledge about. He started by telling me everything that he wanted to say about longneck dinosaurs, how big their tails are and what their tails are used for, as well as what they eat. When it came to writing his letter, he would verbalize what he wanted to say but would only write one or two words from that sentence. For example, Charlie said “longnecks are good at eating leaves that are up high” but he only wrote the words “gud”(good) and “lez” (leaves). Based on this assessment Charlie seems to be in the estimated spelling phase of writing development, his words are obviously spelled based on the sounds each letter makes. This also means he is likely in the early stages of the Letter-Name-Alphabetic phase of spelling. His words begin and end with the correct letter sounds and he understand that these sounds make a word. He has not, however, mastered words in a sentence. Each of the words Charlie wrote in his story are on separate lines, bot combined to form complete thoughts.


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